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Forest Fires are a natural event, essential to the health of our Forests. They can also be dangerous to people, property, and wild-life. FireFringe™ leverages remote sensing satellites to detect, and inform you about blazing fires globally. FireFringe™ was invented by people who know forests, working with people who know fires. Scroll down to learn more.



Spot burning hot areas around the world like forest fires, grass fires, volcanic lava or hot areas caused by oil rigs, smelters and other industries. We keep you informed, with months of available historical blazing fire data. FireFringe™ gives you control of the sensitivity of the spotting tools from high sensitivity to low sensitivity. Stay informed, stay safe.

FireFringe™ displays blazing fires globally

Get updates twice a day of VIIRS and MODIS satellite data

Control the sensitivity of the blazing fire detection tools

Choose from one of four Mapbox basemaps

Visualize the distance between you and blazing fires

screenshot of the FireFringe app
screenshot of the FireFringe mobile app

Daily Blazing Fire Locations

Global coverage

Updated twice per day

Configurable detection sensitivity

screenshot of daily blazing fire locations

Canadian Fire Detections

Data provided by NRCAN

Coverage across all of Canada

Updated several times per day

Visualize locations of detected fires as dots

screenshot of canadian fire detections

Canadian Fire Progressions

Data provided by NRCAN

Coverage across all of Canada

Updated several times per day

Visualize burnt areas as polygons

screenshot of canadian fire progressions

Open Street Map

Global coverage

Intuitive navigation

Maps major landmarks, roads, and other features

Four unique basemaps available on FireFringe™

screenshot of open street map

GPS Location

High precision GPS

Map follows the GPS marker while the location changes

Visualize the proximity between your location and fires

screenshot of gps location



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Phil Green


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Tuomo Kauranne

President of Arbonaut

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Joni Norppa

CEO of Terramonitor



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