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Forest Fires are a natural event, essential to the health of our Forests. They can also be dangerous to people, property, and wild-life. FireFringe™ leverages remote sensing satellites to detect, and inform you about blazing fires globally. FireFringe™ was invented by people who know forests, working with people who know fires. Scroll down to learn more.



FireFringe™ Mobile

Spots burning hot areas around the world like forest fires, grass fires, volcanic lava or hot areas caused by oil rigs, smelters and other industries. We keep you informed, with up to six days of historical blazing fire data available. FireFringe™ Mobile gives you control of the sensitivity of the spotting tools from high sensitivity to low sensitivity. Stay informed, stay safe.

FireFringe mobile displays blazing fires globally

Get updates twice a day of VIIRS and MODIS satellite data

Control the sensitivity of the blazing fire detection tools yourself

Choose your base map, with access to 4 different layers

Visualize the distance between you and blazing fires

screenshot of the FireFringe mobile app
screenshot of the FireFringe mobile app



FireFringe™ Platform

A remote sensing toolkit invented by people that know forests, working with people that know fires. We use satellites to keep you informed and notify you regularly as our satellites capture new data over your subscribed areas. We empower you with the following tools:

An enhanced version of the Canadian fuel burn prediction map

Regular (weather permitting) basemap updates in 10 meter resolution

Digital terrain models of your area to help plan safe fire-site and water access

A fire location highlighter that can see through the smoke to help you see the fire

Maps of burning areas of the fire, updated regularly (weather permitting)

Measuring tools so you can tell the distance between your assets and the fire

Blazing fires are detected, archived, and updated twice daily

Daily Blazing Fire Locations

Global coverage

Updated twice per day

Configurable detection sensitivity (mobile only)

Available free on your iOS and Android mobile devices

screenshot of daily blazing fire locations

Open Street Map

Intuitive navigation

Maps major landmarks, roads, and other features

Four unique map layers available on FireFringe™ mobile

screenshot of open street map

Enhanced Fuel Map

Our algorithms enhance existing 250m resolution Canadian fuel burn prediction maps

Nationally available map of forest fire fuel types produced at 10m resolution

Gives you more detailed information about fuel types in your subscribed area

screenshot of enhanced fuel map

FireFringe Severity

Compares the hottest zones of the fire with the coolest zones

Shows you which areas were most severely burnt

Shows you which areas were not burned at all

Available at 10m resolution

screenshot of firefringe severity

Digital Terrain Model

Shows you where the steepest hills are to help plan safe site access

Shows you where you can find water to help suppress the fire

Shows you the slope in degrees to help predict fire behaviour

screenshot of digital terrain model

FireFringe Hotspots

We use satellites to make a visual map of the blazing fire

We update these maps regularly (weather permitting) and date the hotspots

You can see how the fire is spreading through the area over time

screenshot of firefringe hotspots

FireFringe Fire Location Highlighter

We use our technology to adapt the satellite imagery to highlight fire locations

If there is a fire in your area, this will help you see the smoke and fire locations

screenshot of firefringe fire location highlighter

Updated Satellite Imagery

We update 10m resolution satellite imagery of your subscribed area weekly (weather permitting)

Weekly updates subject to weather

We date each image so you know how recent the imagery is

screenshot of updated satellite imagery

Remote Training

Remote training available at home or office

Customer care available by email support

screenshot of remote training



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